Your tools are your livelihood. Leaving them in a box that spans your truck may work for some, but rummaging around for the right gear doesn’t sound like fun. You deserve something better. Something more organized for your busy life. We are proud to offer you an innovative solution, NAVAHO fully extendable drawers. No more guessing what tool is in the back, our drawers extend to their full length with ease.



Get more out of your truck.
NAVAHO TRUCK BED DRAWERS are built for your lifestyle.
If you need it, we have it.



How are Navaho truck bed drawers better?


  • low weight                                 
  • high stability                                
  • easy maintenance
  • long
  • high durability
  • corrosion resistant



Get The Most Out Of Your Truck

Deep often means tools are going to be thrown in, or strewn about with little regard to organization. Take back your bed space with NAVAHO SYSTEM sleek, fully extendable drawers. Now, you can securely store and organize all of your tools and equipment. All of your tools will be available to you, without losing any room in your bed.

State of the art or an old reliable farm truck, we have a drawer system to fit your needs and style.

Work in an industrial area? Our top panel load capacity can be customized to fit even the heaviest tools. Stop limiting yourself on what you can carry. If your truck has the capacity, you can utilize it all.


Navaho drawers are ready to work - for you