drawers with 100% extension

Your tools are your livelihood. Leaving them in a box that spans your truck may work for some, but rummaging around for the right gear doesn’t sound like fun. You deserve something better. Something more organized for your busy life. We are proud to offer you an innovative solution, NAVAHO fully extendable drawers. No more guessing what tool is in the back, our drawers extend to their full length with ease.


Get more out of your truck.
NAVAHO TRUCK BED DRAWERS are built for your lifestyle.
If you need it, we have it.


How are Navaho truck bed drawers better?


The Drawer Mysteries

Hey, we all like to keep things clean, tidy and organized. But let’s be honest, how much effort are you actually willing to expend? Tool boxes that are deep let you throw things in and close the lid, leaving the mess for later. We all know that clean up time is never gonna happen. The only solution is to never allow for mess to happen and Navaho drawers can help you! They are deep enough for large tools, but shallow enough to keep things tidy and they fully extend even when fully loaded. You can open the drawer and find what you need in a matter of seconds. Stop wasting time and get on with your day.



You bought the most rugged truck on the market. It could tow a small farm, or even the space shuttle. Why have your drawers stop at 2000 lbs? You spent extra on that dually, make sure all of your equipment can be as durable as your life requires. Navaho drawers can be customized to your needs. So if you are putting a roadside kit it for your family, or if you are working construction, we’ve got you covered.




You lock your house, your shed, and your truck, why leaves your tools or gear unlocked? Each drawer is equipped with superior metal, recessed lock. For ease of use and sheer durability, a T-handle is, used. Combined with your tailgate locks, each drawer is a formidable obstacle for any thieves. You don’t leave the castle unguarded, why leave your treasures open for the easy taking. Protect your investments, invest in a Navaho System.



Rusty equipment does not get the job done. We have tested our drawers to ensure none of Mother Nature’s events will catch you off guard. Navaho drawers are guaranteed to keep your tools and equipment dry and safe while you are out doing your thing.




Not all trucks are made the same, and tastes vary from owner to owner. If you want a non-standard sized drawer system, a higher payload, or you want it in a different finish, our representatives are ready to pass it along to manufacturing. So far, our team has always handled special requests with ease and gave customers a system that will last them for years to come. Keep our designers on their feet, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Just because you got the muscles, doesn’t mean you should have to struggle with opening your own equipment. The design of these drawers allows for simple and easy opening and closing. Two fingers is all you need to bring out a fully loaded drawer. Save your back and shoulders and invest in a system that glides on two industrial slides that lighten the load.




Get The Most Out Of Your Truck

Deep often means tools are going to be thrown in, or strewn about with little regard to organization. Take back your bed space with NAVAHO SYSTEM sleek, fully extendable drawers. Now, you can securely store and organize all of your tools and equipment. All of your tools will be available to you, without losing any room in your bed.

State of the art or an old reliable farm truck, we have a drawer system to fit your needs and style.

Work in an industrial area? Our top panel load capacity can be customized to fit even the heaviest tools. Stop limiting yourself on what you can carry. If your truck has the capacity, you can utilize it all.


Navaho drawers are ready to work - for you