Navaho Systems use only the highest quality components for our truck bed drawers. We understand the need to be able to store your tools, gear and equipment, and access them quickly. We believe that with our products you have full access of the storage of your vehicle. Our drawers will allow you to organize, store, and protect whatever it is you want to carry. No matter if you have a truck, van or SUV, organization and ease of use is a universal need, and we have the solution.



Navaho drawers are designed with many uses in mind. We know that customers want something that is functional, looks great, easy to use, and most of all maintenance free. Our drawers are built to last. From camping trips to storing your gear when you go out to survey a construction site, these drawers are ready to work.

Even if you don’t notice all the details we put into providing you with a superior truck drawer, peace of mind is something that can’t be traded. Recessed handles ensure that moisture isn’t going to enter the drawer. Our heavy duty slides ensure that even your significant other can open the drawer while you are off doing something that requires more brawn. The top panel that you can customize is non-slip so if you need a step up, you got it.


Pick-up Truck


One of the standard uses of Navaho drawers is for use in a pickup. These weatherproof drawers fit snugly into the bed of your truck, but does not impede the use of the bed like other systems may. Once installed, you can carry all your gear in a neat, organized fashion while still retaining the bed of your truck. Our sleek design ensures that you can go from work to play without hesitation. Navaho Systems perform perfectly under even the most extreme conditions, and they look great too.


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Some professions require leaving the comforts of the office and traveling to the location. From veterinarians, public safety workers, land surveys, or even photographers, your equipment matters to you. With Navaho SUV drawers, you can organize it, store it, and protect it while you transport it. Your life doesn’t stand still, go with the flow and meet obstacles head on.


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VAN / Utility Vehicles




Vans and utility vehicles are notorious for never having enough room to really work. Sometimes you need an extra inch or two and built-in systems just seem cumbersome. Navaho drawers are specially built to slide under the floor, to give you the most room of your work vehicle.

There will always be a tool you need, never waste time having to go back to the shop to get it just because it wouldn't fit. Now you can organize, and store all your equipment, tools, and gear in secure drawers.


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You bought your vehicle for its storage. Maybe you need the room for kids, or perhaps you just want to be able to carry all your emergency supplies in a neat, convenient area. Navaho drawers are customized to your needs. Maximize your cargo area, and stay organized.


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Special vehicles



In this day and age, all shapes and sizes of vehicles are made. Each comes with their own unique challenges, but the common issue is that there is not enough room to put stuff. Whether it is hunting gear, sleeping bags or ATVs, there is no vehicle we cannot outfit with custom, built-in drawers. For example, our most recent project was equipped an armored vehicle with drawers. So this just goes to show, we can fit any vehicle, just give us a call. We can customize all specifications to specific customer needs.


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