When it comes to using your truck at work, you need durable, safe equipment. Navaho drawers will help you and your team keep organized and meet deadlines. Now, all your tools are easily within reach, secure, and when you need them, the drawers slide out easily. Keep you and your teams safe and prevent on the job injuries.

Our drawers are element proof, secure with recessed metal locks, and glide with two fingers. These drawers are ideal for the working man. We have equipped vehicles for construction workers, contractors, service crews, and public safety. There are also specific builds that we can create for police, firefighters, utility crews, and even the traveling veterinarian. Needless to say, if you have a need for storage, we can make create the perfect solution for you.


  • Easy to open- glides on metal slides
  • Industrial grade
  • Element-proof


  • Non-slip top panel
  • Customizable weight-load
  • Secured with recessed metal locks with ergonomic T-handle



The work week is done; it’s time to explore! Whether you are hunting, fishing, or putting some miles on your favorite trail, if you can fit it in the bed of your truck, you can take it with you. Our Navaho drawers are durable enough to hold the weight of your ATV or snowmobile, so your fun isn’t limited to one season. You can store all your gear in easy to open drawers. All of your equipment is easy to get to, organized, and secure. Load up your truck and you are on your way, no trailer needed.

If your truck has the weight capacity, so does Navaho system. Navaho drawers are meant to take away the limitations of bulky storage.


  • Element-proof
  • Rust-proof
  • Durable


  • Drawers lighten the weight load, so opening the drawers is easy, it can be done with two fingers
  • Customizable for your needs
  • Easy to clean



Spur of the moment trips are a blast. From camping with the guys, to taking your family on vacation, pack your stuff and be on your way.

Leave your problems behind and have a worry free time when you use Navaho System drawers. Simply pack all your supplies in the drawers and they are safe from the elements, theft, or even curious four-legged visitors. Our drawers are durable and rugged and are sure to open the world up to you. Where will you go?




Construction / Craftsmen


When it comes to keeping your inventory tight and organized, Navaho drawers are the solution many professionals turn to. With a wide array of standard and custom options, we can create the perfect solution for you. Your equipment is safe and secure, and most importantly, protected against the elements and theft.

Keeping your tools and equipment organized is the best way to save time, prevent theft, and ensure you always have the tools you need on hand. Allow us to create a custom, well configured set to fit your needs. No matter your profession, from engineers, construction workers, or even carpenters, everyone can benefit from a more organized storage system.

Outdoor / Hunting / Fishing


Navaho drawers for Sports and Outdoors are a specific build that we proudly offer to the outdoorsmen. Our drawers cover a wide variety of storage needs that is perfect for hunters, fishermen, golfers, archers, hikers, and many more types of outdoor enthusiasts. We cater to all needs and understand that the outdoors are unforgiving. Our equipment allows you to store your tools and gear in a secure fashion, while keeping it organized, accessible, and compact.

Navaho drawers offer superior peace of mind for those times you are away from your vehicle for extended periods. If you have a need, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to design you a storage option that allows you to get the most out of your truck.

No matter what your career, hobby, or passion may be, your vehicle should not limit you. Maximize your storage in your Van, SUV, Wagon, or Pick-up. We have a variety of builds that are ready for you, and we can always customize a storage system for you. Protect your investments and enjoy the freedom driving gives you, invest in a Navaho drawer system.


Fire and Rescue


Seconds matter. No one knows that better than first responders. EMS, Firefighters, Police, and the other valuable persons who pledged to serve their community know that having unorganized equipment can mean life and death for the person needing their attention.

Navaho drawers for Emergency Responders are designed for immediate access and flawless use. Faulty equipment is not an option. Based on feedback from Emergency Responders, we have designed drawers with customizable inserts, various sizes, and most importantly, they are industrial grade and can take a beating.



The nation's defenders have turned to Navaho drawers for their quality builds, ease of use, and rigorous standards that we have in place. Our impeccable history of versatile, rugged, secure, in-vehicle storage makes us the ideal choice. Our Navaho drawers withstand the harsh environmental conditions, while remaining easy to use. No matter the equipment, sensitive or not, our storage systems are the smart choice for your needs.

All tactical field operations are covered, so if you are storing computers or firearms, your equipment and gear is safe and secure.